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High Fidelity Artisans is a mastermind for people building and growing meaningful businesses in the hospitality, fashion, luxury, or lifestyle space.

Today’s economy tends to reward executives and tech entrepreneurs. High Fidelity Artisans exists to change the game so more people profit from creating beautiful things in the fashion, luxury, hospitality, and lifestyle space.

High Fidelity Artisans is a membership platform and community that provides members with everything they need to know to found and scale a phenomenal, thriving company in today’s economy.

People who dedicate their lives to mastering a craft like bartending or glass blowing are massively undervalued in our economy. HFA exists to help create thriving businesses around these kinds of pursuits.

Lauren Proctor

Members of the HFA get access to a peer community and educational platform that shows them exactly how to create a thriving company to support their craft. Step-by-step educational videos walk through business plans, website building, monetization, and more.

Community members also get personalized roadmaps, unlimited text-based support, and access to weekly group coaching calls. On these calls we suggest tools, optimize workflows, talk through what’s working now, and address anything that might be going on in any of the members’ businesses.

Last but not least, members get an over-the-shoulder sneak peak into what it’s like to start a high fidelity business (By Bartenders) completely from scratch. For many members this realtime step-by-step process acts as both accountability and encouragement.

Get lessons and step-by-step coaching that transforms craftsmanship into a profitable company that shapes culture.

About the Founder

High Fidelity Artisans was founded by serial entrepreneur and marketer, Lauren Proctor. Proctor is driven by having a phenomenal time mastering your craft and doing what you love.

Lest you mistake High Fidelity Artisans for all fun and no business, here’s a more professional take:

Lauren Proctor has more than a decade of experience marketing for the fashion, luxury, and e-commerce space. She originally came from a journalism background but fell in love with marketing after studying how digital affects the way consumers think about brands at NYU’s MA program in the Gallatin School of Individualized Studies.

Proctor became the third employee of L2 Think Tank, a company that advised luxury brands like Chanel, Coach, and Viking on their digital acumen. (The company was later acquired by Gartner and now exists as Gartner Marketing).

Since then, Proctor has had the pleasure of working with brands such as LOFT, Virgin Airlines, American Express, Naadam, Voz, Univision, Fabletics, and many, many more.

Proctor co-founded a marketing platform that did $8MM in revenue before getting acquired by Twitter, all in less than one year. More recently, she helped companies and governments attract international tech talent from around the world.

Lauren Proctor in San Diego

Although most of Proctor’s career has been based out of New York City, she was a digital nomad for about five years. During that time she had home bases in Europe and Singapore. She also lived out of hotels for approximately four years.

When Lauren was abroad she worked at a speakeasy called Whisper Sister. She fell in love with the hospitality world and came to believe that the artisans who shape culture (e.g. food, fashion, art, and luxury) are the most undervalued people in the world.

From this foundation, High Fidelity Artisans (HFA) was born. Proctor pours her heart and soul into lifting up makers in the hospitality, luxury, and lifestyle space. HFA exists to help high fidelity artisans build and scale thriving companies.

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